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  • Hours of Opration! Mon-Fri: 8am-5:30pm
  • Sat: 8am-4pm
  • Sun: Emergency Services!

Comfort Zone Maintenance Plans

HVAC Maintenance Plan- $149.95

Why does your home’s heating/cooling systems need maintenance?

What would happen if you never changed the oil in your car? Or, what if you never checked your car's tires for proper inflation or your brakes for excessive wear? Like your car, your home's heating and cooling systems require routine service to start on demand, operate at peak efficiency and avoid unnecessary and costly repairs. Without regular maintenance, your system will experience degradation in both efficiency and useful life.

Loss of efficiency means higher utility bills will incur as your system works harder and harder to overcome efficiency loss. Constant system cycling (starts and stops) prematurely wear out your systems internal components as your system works harder to maintain a comfortable temperature eventually resulting in costly and inconvenient heating and air-conditioning failure.

Enjoy bi-annual complete system check!

Quick Comfort’s Heating & Air Conditioning Comfort Zone Maintenance Plan provides for a bi-annual complete systems check. Performed each year in the Spring and Fall, the maintenance check is fashioned around the recommendations established by the Department of Energy and many utility companies. The maintenance check also exceeds the minimum requirements of most manufacturer’s warranty and extended warranty requirements for regular system maintenance.

The Quick Comfort Comfort Zone Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Furnace Maintenance

This professional pre-season tune-up is performed in the Fall and includes a complete furnace systems function check, operational readiness check, air handler cleaning, gas leak test, noxious gas venting check, and overall safety check.

  • Air Conditioner Maintenance

This professional pre-season tune-up is performed in the Spring and includes an air-conditioning complete functions check, thorough cleaning of your air conditioner, and coolant pressure check, coolant leak test, coil cleaning.

The impact of regular system maintenance will ensure your heating and air conditioning systems can begin each season in peak operating condition not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing that when you're ready for warm or cool air, the system is ready for you.


  • Extended system life

The useful life of your systems will be extended and could easily double.

  • Peek performance

When your system is properly tuned you will save money on your utility bills. Your gas and electric bills will be lower because your system doesn’t have to work as hard (stay on as long) to achieve and maintain the temperature Comfort Zone that’s just right for you.

  • Discounts

When you're in the Quick Comfort Comfort Zone plan and a repair becomes necessary, you’ll receive a 10% discount on all parts needed to return your system to its peak operating condition. This savings alone could more than cover the Comfort Zone cost.

  • VIP Treatment-

You’ll receive VIP Treatment when you're in the Comfort Zone including priority service scheduling when setting any maintenance or service appointment or emergency service request.